Friday, June 5, 2015


Until now, this blog has acted as a gateway to the team's websites and to the Archimedes Presse UK website but from now on, we are going to use it as a journal for the three of us - our team... Adele Abbot, David Coles and jack Everett.

Adele, as well as being a mother and pursuing a career in a law firm is a fantasist with "Of Machines and Magic" and "Postponing Armageddon" to her name. Currently, she is researching Medieval Rome - not an easy subject to find information on - this will be the backdrop against which much of her sequel to Postponing Armageddon is to be set. Meanwhile, there is her young son to get off to school… she just never stops.

David is the senior member of the team – much older than his friend Jack who, 5 months younger, is constantly trying to catch up. Jack and David met half a lifetime ago when they discovered they lived only a few miles apart and had a shared interest in writing fantasy and science fiction. This has progressed from a couple of books which never saw the light of day to 3 or 4 Fantasy and Science books and on to historical and modern thrillers and a series of police procedural: "The Inspector White Capers". There are 3 of these though we hesitate to call them a trilogy since there is every indication of further books to come.

As a team, we have about dozen books available on Amazon and other on-line retailers as well as from the publishers Barking Rain Press* and Acclaimed Books, more than half being available in paperback as well as a variety of eBook formats.

*Barking Rain Press offers a free eBook preview together with 35% off a subsequent order for the complete book or eBook.

Links to all the books with details of the stories and the characters and direct links to buying pages can be found on our main Website: Archimedes Presse UK.  Please visit and enjoy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The DI White Capers

Our two most recently published books - by Barking Rain Press & artwork by Craig Jenion - are the first in the DI White series... Damaged Goods and Damage Limitation.

Damaged Goods
Robert Cleghorn is invalided out of Special Forces following a head injury, only to be recruited by the CIA. After a second head injury courtesy of a violent incident with enemy agents, psychiatrists rebuild his memories from what they can recover.
Robert goes to find the love of his life: wife of the brother he murdered and a typically English rose.
Robert heads for the UK, unaware that so much of his memory is artificial.

Damage Limitation
A magician commits a locked room murder? Interesting. But a locked room murder where the perpetrator is provably on the other side of the world? Now that is some trick.
Murder is a way of life for the guy that White and his team must apprehend, murders that become steadily more gruesome, more flamboyant, more frequent.
And to fill in the idle moments; there’s ‘King’ Richards from the previous novel, out to get even and the sister of the guy he’s just watched die – now what’s she doing?

...Jack & David