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Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Oh to be in England now that April's there" - Robert Browning

I’ve been in Florida for the past few weeks, combining work with pleasure. Events have included: talking to reader groups and to the Lions Society, giving radio interviews (i.e. a phone-in), visiting writing workshops and giving signings. I’ve always encouraged both readers and writers, explaining the writing process from the ground up and how the partnership with my long-standing friend, David Coles, works.
Of course, the main reason for all this is to expand the reader base for our novels, to encourage readers, where I can, to try the rich tapestry that our multi-genre fiction offers. In hard copies alone, the trip has been a great success with 127 new readers in the fold.
With another three crime novels out soon (the D.I. White Capers), the Everett Coles portfolio is growing. The first of these – Damaged Goods, which starts in Florida and ends in the Yorkshire Dales – is already creating a buzz after the success of the Diamond Seekers which won the Book of the Month award voted for by the public at the Book Awards website. Readers are lining up to review for us, if you would like a chance to join them, drop us a line.

Jack Everett

Saturday, March 29, 2014

INKBOK... a Shake-Up for the Book Industry

InkBok… A new kid on the block.

Inkbok is a new way of reading books – we have just one book on their list at the moment and we’ll be following up with books which are unlicensed to other publishers. Speaking of which, the independent publisher Barking Rain Press has also joined InkBok and books by our team and published by Barking Rain will also be here, shortly.

One of the things that we like about InkBok, is the transparency. The reader, the author, the publisher, all know what the terms are, how it works and what really appealed to our imagination is the 10% of revenues which will go to charities.

So, thumb your nose at the big and the powerful, and let InkBok get up the noses of the stuffed shirt traditional publishers and give a big welcome to what we hope will be a shot in the arm for the independents: the Indie Authors and the Indie Publishers which are the new life-blood of the book industry.
David Coles

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At the National Railway Museum

Last week I met Karen in person. Until now, she had been an email friend, but this week, Karen and her husband, Wolfgang, were visiting England for her birthday treat and, in particular, visiting York close to where I live.
We met at the National Railway Museum; a fitting place since my wife, Jan who came with me, is the daughter of a York railway man, himself the son of a York railway man, and Wolfgang too had also worked on the German railways.
Here we talked books and jobs and books and websites and books and blogs and writing – and railways. Karen is a dark-haired, softly spoken woman who speaks English as if she had been born here. Her reading habits tend a little towards the outrĂ© perhaps, which suits me very well and in discussing our books, Karen was definitely on my wave length.
It’s not often that one meets up with an email friend but, as in this case, it can be a very agreeable and enjoyable event. Thank you, Karen, for making this happen.
Karen publishes two blogs: MyTrainofThoughtsOn featuring interviews and conversations with authors and InaSmallCompass showcasing Karen’s adept short-story writing.
It was MyTrainofThoughtOn which brought us together. Karen features a review for our books there: 1-1 Jihad: Britain and The Diamond Seekers and also the 10 statements which expose our characters!! - DavidJack
David Coles

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Will no one rid me of this Turbulent Priest?

Well, Jack and Mrs. Jack are soaking up the rays in Florida, David has his nose buried in websites and blogs, so I’m pretty well on my own at the moment. I say on my own, there is the son and the partner but neither is too interested in the second book in the Amaranthine series where I have cleverly painted myself into a corner.

This book is recounted by Uncle Max who has inconveniently lost his very long memory. Now how does one get on with the narrative when the chief character is plainly in no condition to do anything?

The title words were spoken in 1170 by King Henry II of England but it was not the first time the sentiment had been expressed and probably will not be the last.

We are at the tail end of the 13th century or the very beginning of the 14th – I’ve not decided quite when at the moment. We are in Rome. The Pope – who is a nasty piece of work – has recently issued a bull stating that every last person from peasant to king must submit to the authority of the Pope or forfeit ultimate salvation. For the vast majority of the world population, it was hardly staggering news, for the vast majority, life went on without change. But for Kings and Emperors, this was well over the top. In particular, King Philip of France was pretty teed off and was prepared to do something about it. There were others too who were less than overjoyed at Pope Boniface’s declaration. But Boniface had a magician who could wreak havoc at the holy whim.

And, at the moment, Uncle Max is indisposed. Problems, problems…

Adele Abbot

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Further News on the DI White Capers.

We have submitted a third manuscript in the series to the publisher, Barking Rain Press, and have been promised a contract for it. The title is "Damaged Souls."

As with the previous two books, we have realized that the length of our chapters is often too short; this makes for a lot of empty space both at the end of a chapter and in the standard page layout for the new chapter. Since printing costs are based largely on the number of pages the empty space becomes a bit of an overhead so we have had to backtrack on all three books to correct this. We want to keep the selling price as low as possible, attention to this sort of detail helps.

Now we wait for our very committed editor to read the manuscript and to start on her process. We enjoy working with Ti Lock; she picks up those inconsistencies between UK and US grammar and spelling and often Ti has an insight which will improve the book and make it more appealing. We await her first look with interest.

David & Jack

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Amaranthines ~ The Pope's Magician

I am starting work on the second of her Amaranthine novels. This one is narrated by Uncle Max, the rugged almost indestructible hominid who may well be the last survivor of his tribe's march out of Africa almost 70,000 years in the past.
Following the events related in Postponing Armageddon where history itself was in danger, Max is now an urbane businessman at the turn of the 12th century in Rome - centre of the known world.

Biut when he is savagely attacked and loses his memory, the world can become a distinctly unfriendly place.

That's the intention anyway but Adele has a day job and a family; there can be distractions from her writing activities.


Monday, January 13, 2014

The DI White Capers

We are looking forward to seeing two of our books published simultaneously by Barking Rain Press during March 2014. These are the first two in the DI White series... Damaged Goods and Damage Limitation. Cover artwork is not yet complete.

Damaged Goods
Robert Cleghorn is invalided out of Special Forces following a head injury, only to be recruited by the CIA. After a second head injury courtesy of a violent incident with enemy agents, psychiatrists rebuild his memories from what they can recover.
Robert goes to find the love of his life: wife of the brother he murdered and a typically English rose.
Robert heads for the UK, unaware that so much of his memory is artificial.

Damage Limitation
A magician commits a locked room murder? Interesting. But a locked room murder where the perpetrator is provably on the other side of the world? Now that is some trick.
Murder is a way of life for the guy that White and his team must apprehend, murders that become steadily more gruesome, more flamboyant and more frequent.
And to fill in the idle moments; there’s ‘King’ Richards from the previous novel, out to get even and the sister of the guy he’s just watched die – now what’s she doing?

Jack & David