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Friday, March 24, 2017

the last of the DI White series: Damage Done is being edited at our publishers: Barking Rain Press and should be available in June. More of that in Tomoorow's views, below. We're very pleased to announce that two of our older books: The Last Free Men and Merlin's Kin, are now being published by a new pubisher - Portals Publishing - with dramatic new cover illustrations by Susan Krupp. They have been newly edited to bring them into line with American grammar - no more ...Wow!" He said but "...Wow! he said; and with Oxford commas which seem to be used only in Oxford, UK and in the USA. Fine examples of our two nations being separated by a common language.

June will mark the end of our DI White series and, as Douglas Adams once said about his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's a trilogy in four parts. However. Our publisher at Barking Rain Press threw us a challenge while this book was in progress. Sheri Gormley gave us a brief scenario which had to involve snow, a cat and an explosion. I'm pleased to report that the items were all linked together in the opening chapter. While DI White will be hanging up his handcuffs, a key character in that final book: Fizzah Hammad, an eastern Mediterranean woman with few scruples of any kind, will be featuring as the main character in the next book.
Adele Abbot, our speculative fantasy author. is working on a sequel to Postponing Armageddon and gave herself an unexpected shock. She wrote the story - subject to polishing - and discovered she had only half a book length in total. She has now brought back to life, a previously deceased character and is building a continuation to the story line.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


A trilogy! DI White is over and done with - really? Watch out folks, because he is poised to return in a final fourth volume.
Damaged Goods
Robert Cleghorn is invalided out of Special Forces following a head injury, only to be recruited by the CIA. After a second head injury courtesy of a violent incident with enemy agents, psychiatrists rebuild his memories from what they can recover.
Robert goes to find the love of his life: wife of the brother he murdered and a typically English rose.
Robert heads for the UK, unaware that so much of his memory is artificial.

Damage Limitation
A magician commits a locked room murder? Interesting. But a locked room murder where the perpetrator is provably on the other side of the world? Now that is some trick.
Murder is a way of life for the guy that White and his team must apprehend, murders that become steadily more gruesome, more flamboyant, more frequent.
And to fill in the idle moments; there’s ‘King’ Richards from the previous novel, out to get even and the sister of the guy he’s just watched die – now what’s she doing?
Damaged Souls
While White’s team closes in on an elusive heroin smuggling operation, a prominent television executive reports that her twin teenage daughters have been abducted. The high-profile case is assigned to White, who must now divide his attention between the kidnapping and the heroin sting operation.
That leaves little time to console his one-time lover, Connie Cleghorn, when she returns to the UK to take her mentally ill brother back to Florida for treatment. In stark contrast, his father is diving deeper into a heady love affair of his own—forcing White to consider whether his inability to maintain a lasting relationship is due to his job or to his own shortcomings.
The two cases—and relationships—threaten to spiral out of control towards conclusions that are sure to surprise.

...Jack & David

Friday, June 5, 2015


As an example of bad luck, bad timing, bad choices and a teaspoonful of errors, this is a doozy.
David & Jack originally published this historical mystery as "Death and Taxes" with a small press who - no sooner had they got it to market - closed up shop. At least it had been edited(um!).
We spoke to the acquisitions editor at Oak Tree Press who agreed to give it a go. It duly appeared as "The Back of Beyond", a literal translation of the French village in which it was set. It had a somewhat uninspiring cover and sold - maybe - a handful of copies. We never saw any royalties. So, after some considerable time, we asked the publisher if the publishing rights could be returned to us and they agreed.
We redesigned the cover, published it through Acclaimed Books with whom we already had other books placed, titled "With Murderous Intent" and gained a few sales. We also gained a review which
said it was an "entertaining read with humorous characters", which is what we intended, and also pointed out historical errors (remember, this had been edited twice), for which we thank Jacky g.
One of the errors was potatoes in 13th Century France. Pretty stupid on our part but par for the book.
Now we've corrected those errors, created a less foreboding cover and it should be back on Amazon with 10 days or so as a Kindle.

Please check it out: With Murderous Intent