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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


A trilogy! DI White is over and done with - really? Watch out folks, because he is poised to return in a final fourth volume.
Damaged Goods
Robert Cleghorn is invalided out of Special Forces following a head injury, only to be recruited by the CIA. After a second head injury courtesy of a violent incident with enemy agents, psychiatrists rebuild his memories from what they can recover.
Robert goes to find the love of his life: wife of the brother he murdered and a typically English rose.
Robert heads for the UK, unaware that so much of his memory is artificial.

Damage Limitation
A magician commits a locked room murder? Interesting. But a locked room murder where the perpetrator is provably on the other side of the world? Now that is some trick.
Murder is a way of life for the guy that White and his team must apprehend, murders that become steadily more gruesome, more flamboyant, more frequent.
And to fill in the idle moments; there’s ‘King’ Richards from the previous novel, out to get even and the sister of the guy he’s just watched die – now what’s she doing?
Damaged Souls
While White’s team closes in on an elusive heroin smuggling operation, a prominent television executive reports that her twin teenage daughters have been abducted. The high-profile case is assigned to White, who must now divide his attention between the kidnapping and the heroin sting operation.
That leaves little time to console his one-time lover, Connie Cleghorn, when she returns to the UK to take her mentally ill brother back to Florida for treatment. In stark contrast, his father is diving deeper into a heady love affair of his own—forcing White to consider whether his inability to maintain a lasting relationship is due to his job or to his own shortcomings.
The two cases—and relationships—threaten to spiral out of control towards conclusions that are sure to surprise.

...Jack & David

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