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Friday, June 5, 2015


As an example of bad luck, bad timing, bad choices and a teaspoonful of errors, this is a doozy.
David & Jack originally published this historical mystery as "Death and Taxes" with a small press who - no sooner had they got it to market - closed up shop. At least it had been edited(um!).
We spoke to the acquisitions editor at Oak Tree Press who agreed to give it a go. It duly appeared as "The Back of Beyond", a literal translation of the French village in which it was set. It had a somewhat uninspiring cover and sold - maybe - a handful of copies. We never saw any royalties. So, after some considerable time, we asked the publisher if the publishing rights could be returned to us and they agreed.
We redesigned the cover, published it through Acclaimed Books with whom we already had other books placed, titled "With Murderous Intent" and gained a few sales. We also gained a review which
said it was an "entertaining read with humorous characters", which is what we intended, and also pointed out historical errors (remember, this had been edited twice), for which we thank Jacky g.
One of the errors was potatoes in 13th Century France. Pretty stupid on our part but par for the book.
Now we've corrected those errors, created a less foreboding cover and it should be back on Amazon with 10 days or so as a Kindle.

Please check it out: With Murderous Intent

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